Sparklers or Confetti for your Wedding Exit?

Your wedding day is right around the corner and now you wonder exactly how people have those stunning end-of-the-night exit photos… let’s dive right in, shall we?

Plan Ahead:
Make sure to ask your venue coordinator or your wedding planner to ensure that confetti or sparklers are allowed. Some venues may have restrictions due to fire hazards or clean-up concerns so best to double-check.

Choose the Right Materials:
Opt for biodegradable confetti or sparklers that are safe for outdoor use and won’t harm the environment. I suggest getting the longest sparklers you can find. The general rule is: the longer the stem, the better.

Designate a Clear Exit Path:
Determine where the exit will take place and that the area is free from obstacles, it’s going to be dark. You can ask your photographer exactly what the best area would be for your sparkler or confetti send-off.

Time it Right:
Having a sparkler exit clearly stated on vendor timelines helps your team coordinate and execute this perfectly. From having sparklers ready to pass out, guests lined and ready, sparklers lit, and your photographer to set camera settings accordingly so every shot is perfect. You can do your exit at the very end of the night as you’re leaving, or a lot of couples do a faux exit by doing a small parade after you exchange vows and it gets dark outside.

Get your guests excited!

Coordinate Guests:
Have your DJ announce 5 and 10 minutes before your sparkler exit so guests can have some time to get themselves together, and finish their drinks so they aren’t surprised when they are being guided.

It’s best to have guests make 2 lines along a trail and have each line of guests stand 2 arm lengths away from the other. This will allow for the perfect placement of guests and a clear path for your photographer and videographer to walk backwards taking photos.

Distribute Materials:
Assign a few guests or members of your wedding party to distribute confetti or sparklers to everyone. Make sure to have a few mini torches ready to light sparklers. Normal lighters are notoriously slow at doing the job.

Give Clear Directions:
Before the exit begins, have your coordinator or photographer announce any instructions or cues for guests, such as when to start tossing confetti or lighting sparklers. If you’re exiting with confetti, have guests throw the confetti when you’re about 5 feet away from them as you walk through the line.

Enjoy the Celebration:
Enjoy this magical moment while you create a core memory with your partner and all your favorite people. These are some of my top 10 favorite photos to capture during wedding days. Soak this in, take your time, and have fun! Guests always seem to love this little parade and the photos are so fun.

Safety First:
Remind guests to be cautious with sparklers, holding them at arm’s length and away from flammable objects or people. Provide buckets of sand or water for guests to safely dispose of used sparklers. Please refrain from giving a lit sparkler to any guests that are too inebriated.

Think about what you want your day to look like, the photos, the experience, your guests, and most importantly, what YOU want. A few other things you can use for your send-off:

  • Heart Shaped Confetti (my top fave)
  • Streamers (my second fave)
  • Ribbon Wands
  • Balloon Tunnel
  • Ice Cream Sprinkles
  • Fiber-Optic Wands
  • Bubble Machine
  • Flower Petals

Have the Best Wedding Day!